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60 Title Animations for Avid FX, Boris RED, and Boris Graffiti

Unique Animated Text Presets for Boris Graffiti v5/v6, Boris RED v5, and Avid FX v6


60 Title Animations with 3D Extruded Text, Type-on Text, and more

60 Title Animations package contains unique animated text presets that are easily applied and customized with Boris Graffiti v5 or higher, Boris RED v5, or Avid FX v6. The presets include a variety of effects such as type-on text, 3D extruded text, text on a path, filtered text, page turns, wavy text, and more.

The text presets can be applied over your video with just a few simple clicks - at any duration. Quickly apply text styling to a multitude of titles with drag and drop ease, making elaborate title and credit sequences a snap. All of the samples are easily previewed so you can quickly choose the right look for your project.

Own Avid Media Composer 6 or higher? This collection includes an Avid bin containing all of the presets, giving you instant access to the title animation presets without ever having to leave your timeline.

Own Corel VideoStudio Pro and Boris Graffiti? Each preset includes a Corel theme allowing you to easily preview and select title animations. Enjoy immediate results with no learning curve!

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